VIDEO: Bolt And Betty Love Shower Scenes From Big Brother Africa 2013

Betty & Bolt have been engaging in unprotected sex in the house and it’s quite unfortunate she is… errrm an African lady!! How can you be so sex starved that you show loads of people from different parts of the world how loose an African lady can be if not brought up properly.. Like come on Betty, you got family and friends watching you do stupid things.. or is this the strategy she wants to use to get the mulla?? 


This is a re-cap of the video of Betty and Bolt Smooching in the shower.. Bolt and Betty Shower + Sex Scene from BBA The Chase

Anyways, for me, I feel she’s really destroying her country’s reputation and needs to be kicked out asap.. @SirJP_ says so!! She’s officially the first contestant to have sex in the house twice and the 2ndperson to have sex since the conception of Big Brother Africa. What a record right? How sad .. All in all, thumbs up to my boy BOLT!!..

Btw, Keep on loving our reps – Beverly and Melvin.. ;)


CLICK HERE to view it…


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